“Who moved my cheese” for kids by Spencer Johnson

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“Who moved my cheese” for kids by Spencer Johnson

January 20th, 2008 · No Comments

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“Who Moved My Cheese” for kids by Spencer Johnson
who moved my cheese for kids

I first read the adult version of “Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson and found it exdtremely helpful and inspiring.  I went to Barnes & Noble online to find a copy of the book for my brother and found out they have a children’s version. This is a great story for children to learn how to make the most out of life’s constantly changing world in a simplistic easy to understand manner. The story is based around four mice Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw. They are searching for the “magical cheese” when they find it they think it will last forever…we, as adults know it won’t, children don’t grasp that concept yet. That is why this book is so important to read to your children.  The four mice now face a problem, they have eaten all the cheese and there is no cheese left…the four mice all handle this differently, as do many people. The book describes the four different ways the mice deal with their dilemma, as you read with your children they will be able to identify which mouse they are like. I found it easier to explain to my kid which is the best way to handle a situation or deal with change. It opens up a door for you to really help your children out in dealing with change and problems and what the best way to handle it would be or “which mouse takes the best course of action”. This is a must read with your child. There is also a Teen version out which I will definitely purchase in a couple years.

 Check it out yourself…

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