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Ready to go from pasty white to SEXY GLOWING BRONZE after only one application?? A quick & easy way at a cost of $5.00 or less??!!

After years of searching, trying and wasting money on products that smell bad, leave you sticky and turn you orange, I finally found the one, inexpensive, super solution to getting a fabulous glow quickly and safely!

Here’s the highlights everyone is dying to know…

•Does Not turn you any shade of orange!
•Does Not stain hands
•Does Not feel Greasy or leave you Sticky
•Does Not smell bad
•Does Not Clog Pores
•Does Not leave brown/orange Spots On Ankles, elbows & knees
•Easy & quick To Apply
•Mild Citrus Fragrance
•Creates an Even Natural Tan
•2-4 hours later you have an amazing Bronze Glow

I suggest following the instructions on the package, but I’m going to tell you exactly what I did.

I showered & scrubbed my entire body with one of my favorite inexpensive scrubs, St. Ives Apricot Invigorating Scrub, then made sure I dried my body off completely.

I applied the Tan Towel Classic in circular motions all over my body except my face. TIP: Do not start at your feet, ankles, knees or elbows. You will want to start on your butt or in your mid section and work your way down or up. Be as thorough as possible, do your feet, ankles, knees and elbows last. I am only 5’1″ so 2 packs of the half body towel or one full body towel covered my entire body, but if one towel doesn’t make it, you can always buy the Self-Tanning Spray (sold separately or in a kit) to make that towel & product go further. Don’t take to long to complete cover your body with the towel(s), you will want to be sure to wash your hands immediately focusing on the webs and nails in your fingers.  No one ever wants that nasty stain on visible body parts…lol.

After the application, you may feel slightly sticky at first but once the product begins to dry your skin will feel super soft & smooth without any leftover residue, grease or stickiness. You will immediately noticed a slight color change. The longer you wait the darker you will get, as the product states, allow 2-4 hours for color change. After product is completely dry, you can get dressed. I prefer to do this at night, when I wake up in the morning I have a fabulous noticeable, BRONZE GLOW. I haven’t found that the product rubs off on my clothing, added bonus!

So, I want to reiterate this again, there is NONE WHAT SO EVER ORANGE TINT to my skin. Woo Hoo! I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me, especially since I used to pay plenty money each month to bake in the tanning bed for hours each week to get a tan, then to maintain it. This wonderful product is very inexpensive, safe and quick, which makes me smile.  :o)

So, I’m as happy as can be, I will only have to use the towel 2-3 times a week and only taking up about 15 minutes of my busy time to maintain this sexy tan of mine.

My all time favorite beauty store is ULTA, and that is where I got this little gem and a lot of my skin care and make-up needs.

TanTowel Classic!

TanTowel Classic!


Get your TAN on, summer is coming quick!

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