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Hi everyone!

My name is Kate and I love to shop, among many other things. I am always in the mood to go shopping or buy something new. I have recently made a move to buying most of my products online. I love the ease of picking out exactly what I want and having it shipped directly to me. I can search every store for the product I want and see who has the cheapest price, plus a lot of online stores offer coupons and or free shipping. I have a free email account thru Google that I use as my “sign-up” email. What I mean by “sign-up” is when you go to a stores website and they have a section for you to enter your email address which signs you up for their weekly ads or promotions. Do it! This is an added bonus, especially when I want to buy something. I check my yahoo email to see who has special offers, coupons or discounts at certain stores. I am always looking for good deals and/or coupons. I never used to think coupons really made a difference but when I had my first child and wanted to stay home for a year and not work, those coupons saved us a lot of money.  

Family is number one for me. My honey and I have three kids and a dog. I think the dog loves travelling more than anyone. If you walk out the house the dog is the first one in the car anticipating the exciting adventure we will be going on. Our newest purchase is our travel trailer; this was the best purchase we have ever made. Although we never get to go camping enough, we always make camping our number one priority. It is the best way to bond with your kids, teach them to work together and share exciting adventures. These are memories that they will treasure the rest of their lives. I often find when we get home from a trip the kids immediately get out all of our picture albums and reminisce the adventures we have been on. So, invest in a good digital camera, to keep those memories alive. I never can seem to wait for the next trip we will go on.

I wanted to create a website where people could read about products they are thinking about purchasing and get good information before they buy. I hope this helps. Please add your comments and questions, or submit your own reviews so everyone benefits with information.

Thank you so much for visiting.

Kate Hartwell

Kate Hartwell


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